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Public Realm Design for Castle Street & Exchange Court, Dublin


Dublin City Council

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This brief requires the preparation of a design to a Part 8 Planning Application for improving the public realm design for Castle Street and Exchange Court with due regard to the civic and historic importance of these spaces and their enclosing buildings. Planning approval was granted in 2017. Detailed initial sections providing universal access to the City Hall and Rates Office are to be tendered shortly. The design carefully considers the historic setting and important views such as Malton’s print ‘The Royal Exchange’. It integrates concerns raised in previous workshops on the continuous appearance of the sett paving.

Contemporary requirements for safe road crossings, universally accessible access to the neighbouring buildings, removal of visual clutter such as bollards, vehicle parking, tree-planting and street lighting are addressed by the design. All are considered with a view to protect the integrity of the historic fabric of the street and path surfaces and to marry with the rich elevations of City Hall (former Royal Exchange) and the former Newcomen Bank. Key areas are investigated in detail using three-dimensional computer-aided drawings and images. The project builds on other paving projects for historic and new paving in Weintavern Street and Thomas Street.

Public Realm Design for Castle Street & Exchange Court, Dublin
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