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The practice believes that a thorough understanding of the historic environment and its values must form the basis for good future development.

Co-director Richard McLoughlin is an RIAI Grade I accredited Conservation Architect and has fifteen years experience working in this field. Under his leadership Lotts Architecture has the understanding, experience and technical expertise to conserve all types of historic structures with respect for their heritage value, guided at all times by a broad understanding of what constitutes built heritage, and by the international charters and conventions of ICOMOS, Council of Europe and UNESCO.

We provide professional services in the following areas:
Repair and conservation of historic fabric
Adaption of historic buildings to new or changing uses
Conservation Reports
Recording of historic sites
Statements of Character and Impact Assessments
Consultancy services for planning applications
Advice to other design professionals and building contractors.                

 Quality Statement

The practice aims for excellence in conservation work, architecture and urban design and guarantees a high quality in all of the services provided.
The technical, managerial and design expertise gained by the directors over 20 years of practice forms the cornerstone of the company. To achieve a high standard of architectural design we have structured our office to ensure creativity in the design process and the highest standards in drawing, technical documentation and quality control. Positive guidance, motivation, and good exchange of information within the office are seen as central to the promotion of these aims. The practice regularly enters design competitions and views this is a valuable means of stimulating quality standards in design and presentation.
Close attention and monitoring in the detail design stage is seen as crucial to the achievement of buildings of good quality, both in terms of technical performance and in adherence to design objectives. The practice has a thorough understanding of planning legislation, Building Regulations, fire safety requirements, construction industry quality standards and of contractual processes for public and private sector projects, necessary for the effective realisation and efficient completion of buildings of high technical and design quality.
Lotts Architecture has a proven track record in the delivery of built heritage and research projects to a high standard within strict timescales, many of which are prescribed by fixed funding deadlines.

 Ongoing Professional Training

The work of Lotts Architecture is underpinned by up-to-date knowledge of latest developments in conservation, architectural design and technology. The office regularly attends conferences, trade fairs and CPD courses, maintains a good library and subscribes to a number of relevant publications and periodicals. The practice keeps in regular touch with developments in other European countries.
Both directors are committed to research and to teaching, as means to ensure continual development and critical exposure to new ideas and approaches.

 Location and Technical Resources

The office is located in Dublin city centre and is equipped with up-to-date computer technology, technical equipment and software.



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